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L&M has been in the remediation business since inception. As time has went by and science has advanced, L&M has progressed and innovated. Remediation techniques have went through many changes and advancements, and L&M always strives to be the front runner in applying the most advanced effective treatments available. A turn key industry leading remediation company is what you are getting when you choose L&M. Everything can be taken care of from Job Assessment, Excavation, Remediation, and Reports for your personal records and for the RRC, University Lands, BLM, Oklahoma's DEQ or whomever's jurisdiction you may fall under. The event of a release is always a headache. However, you can rest easy knowing that L&M will handle your situation ethically, promptly, and effectively. On-site remediation equals on-site liability. Off-site disposal equals off-site liability. 

We Take Care Of Hydrocarbon Spills of Any Kind. Oil, fuel, chemical,

Produced Water Spills, Chloride Spills, Etc.

Even if your spill is on caliche pad, off pad, dirt, sand, or water, We take care of it the first time, every time.

Hydro Clean Pro Technical Bulletin (002)
Hydro Clean Pro Technical Bulletin (002)

L&M has many different applications (depending on type of spill, the contaminant spilled, quantity of fluid present, etc.) for remediation. The video below is just one example of one of our products and processes. Please contact us with any questions you may have and one of our knowledgeable staff members will answer asap.

Our Remediation Process In Action

Remediation IA
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